Specialty Programs


Guitarist-CCSGoing on excursions each term/year is a highlight for both our students and families at Canberra Christian School. Children look forward to the fantastic experiences and memories that are created outside of the traditional classroom environment.

From an educational point of view we place a high value on each excursion as we find that students visiting different educational facilities learn in a more hands-on and interactive manner than they typically would sitting in the classroom. And by seeing real-life applications of the lessons that they are learning in the classroom, children form a better understanding and appreciation of the importance and relevance of the educational content presented.

Excursions organised for each term are included in school fees except for our annual school trip that attracts a small cost after fundraising (approx $20-$50).Some examples of excursions include: Cockington Green, Canberra Symphony, Canberra Zoo, Farmyard Nursery, Canberra Disposal, Overnight Trip to the Snow, Overnight Trip to Sydney, AIS, Big Splash, Stromlo Observation Centre, etc.

Music, Singing and Dance

Choir-and-Singing-CCSCanberra Christian School provides a variety of opportunities for students to develop their musical ability. Kindergarten and Year 1 students have weekly music lessons with their classroom teacher. They are also introduced to the Irish Tin Whistle and learn to follow music. At the commencement of Year 2 and 3, students given the opportunity to learn the Ukulele. As children then move into year 4, 5 and 6 they are assessed as to their aptitude on various instruments. The instruments available for tuition are: clarinet, flute, percussion, guitar, trombone and saxophone. Students in Year 4-6 receive group tuition with their chosen instrument and are taught to play ensemble arrangements. In addition to these regular programs, our school has introduced a choir and a very comprehensive dance program called ‘‘Every Chance to Dance’’.


Tennis-CCSSport, Health and Physical Education are an integral part of the school’s curriculum for all students from Kindergarten to Year 6. Student involvement is high and all ages and ability levels are catered for through school and district programs. There is an emphasis on participation, skills training and sportsmanship at all times. Each term there is a clear focus for both Fitness and Sport.


Language learning is an important part of the curriculum at Canberra Christian School. German is the primary language taught for students in all years. The course objectives are to develop conversational German skills, foundational vocabulary development and a heightened cultural awareness.


CCS-TVStudents from Canberra Christian School are stars in CCSTV, a news episode that is uploaded to YouTube every second week. It is an innovative approach to learning where the students act, report, stage and work hard to produce the TV news episodes each week. The students work with teachers to explore topics and decide on the line-up for each episode. They select an official student host, help write scripts, create props and visuals and use the live vision switcher. CCSTV has exceeded our expectations. We get great feedback from other students, parents and even grandparents who love watching each episode.