The Home and School manages a vegetarian canteen once a week on WEDNESDAYS.  Canteen menus are distributed at the beginning of each term.  Reusable lunch bags are available from the office.

Ordering Procedure

  1. On a paper bag or reusable lunch bag write: Student’s name, class, order, total cost.
  2. If you do not have a paper bag, put the order details on an envelope and include in your order a paper bag at a cost of 10c.
  3. Enclose money in the bag or envelope and put into the class canteen basket located outside the classroom.
  4. Change is given via a small bag to your child. IOU’s must be paid before the next canteen day.

Any proceeds from canteen go back into the Home and School fundraising account to assist providing for the children’s education.

Click here for the Canteen Menu.