The Home and School manages a vegetarian canteen once a week on WEDNESDAYS.  Canteen menus are distributed at the beginning of each term.  Reusable lunch bags are available for purchase from the office**.

Ordering Procedure


CCS Canteen has now moved to online electronic ordering only – no cash transactions


However, your child will still need the reusable Canteen Bag.




  1. Go to: or download the app from your devices app-store.
  2. Press the blue registration button to create your account.

  3. Enter your unique school ID number to help us match your account with your school: School registration ID: 25122963

  4. You will then be asked to input your personal details. Once completed click Create Account.

  5. Congratulations you are now registered!

  6. Activate your account.

  7. Setup your children. In the middle of the screen there is a ‘students’ button. Here you can input your child’s name and class, along with any allergies or special requirements they may have.

  8. Place your first order!

To receive their personal order on the day, ensure your child places their ‘Canteen Bag’ in the basket in their classroom so they receive their food.

**Canteen Bags are required for lunch orders. These can be purchased from the school office for $7.50**