Caring Environment

A Caring Environment

The foundation of our approach to educating your child is our secure and nurturing school environment. We create this environment through appreciation for individual needs, respect for the children in our care and support for their values and opinions.

Through this approach we will help your child to reach their full potential whilst developing self-esteem and an appreciation for the needs of others.

To ensure a nurturing and caring school environment for your child, Canberra Christian School builds its foundations on the following principles:


Our school aims to ensure that the academic, physical, moral, spiritual, emotional and social needs of all students are catered for in a meaningful way by the school.

Canberra Christian School offers the following programs to ensure our students receive emotional support when they need it:

  • Pastoral care program / school chaplains
  • Access to people who can advise your child on a range of issues is always available
  • Access to Christian counselling

As we encourage our students in religious studies we offer many opportunities for your child to discuss ideas and questions they may have.


All members of Canberra Christian School embrace and celebrate the diversity of our local community. We believe in working together with our families and our community to provide the best possible education for our children. We provide an extensive range of enriching activities including visits to museums, theme based locations and places of worship as well as receiving visitors and providing in-school workshops.

Our school, in conjunction with parents and members of the community, organise a range of events that bring the school community together and raise valuable funds for our school.

These activities include

  • Social events (e.g. school fetes, Garage 64 family evenings, Date night)
  • Parent Teacher nights
  • Committees – home and school committee
  • Parent involvement in reading, art and craft, sporting events etc. 
  • Road to Bethlehem extravaganza

These kind of activities develop the school community as a whole and help extend the relationships that your children form with other children at our school.

Parents are encouraged to keep in close communication with the school.

Newsletters, email and our Smart phone App are all used for this purpose. Each semester parents are invited to meet with their child’s class teacher to discuss progress and set targets for learning. Canberra Christian School welcomes the support and involvement of parents within the school.

Our ‘open door’ policy also adds to our community-building. We believe you should have access to the important professionals who are educating your child. Teachers are readily available at all times to discuss your child’s social, emotional and academic needs. 

Safety & Convenience

The safety of your child is paramount at our school. As an extension of our excellent education program, out-of-hours school care is conveniently located within the school, as well as an early learning program for 4 year olds, benefiting families with younger children.

Our teachers are also on duty from 8:30am, providing supervision when you need an early drop-off for your child.