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Mawson Campus

Early Learning Centre

Canberra Christian School built an Early Learning Centre (ELC) which opened in late 2014. We welcome all inquiries and have applications for children aged two, three and four.

The ELC is staffed by qualified Early Childhood teachers with assistants as per government regulations. Children at the ELC will experience the wider community at the school and participate in whole school events such as assembly and concert nights.

The ELC operates 5 days per week 50 weeks a year – 8:00am to 6:00pm. The daily fee is $97.  The fees include all meals (morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and later afternoon tea), language and music.  We have a Long Day Care License so that parents have access to the Child Care Benefit (CCB) and Child Care Rebate (CCR).


Currently Canberra Christian School offers a Pre-Kindergarten program for 4 year old children five days a week.  Children can access the ELC hours of 7:30am – 6pm . Our highly acclaimed Pre-Kindergarten offers a head start in the classroom for your four year-old child and is designed to encourage each child’s natural learning styles in a structured school environment.

As such Pre-K students spend their day in a school based classroom from 9.30am until 3pm each day. Pre-K students who are in our care outside of these timeframes are returned to the ELC and are incorporated in the ELCs planned activities. Pre-K students are also given the opportunity to have lunch with the other school students as well as some restricted play times, this provides each child with a very comfortable and controlled introduction to a larger school environment.