Canberra Christian School offers a Pre-Kindergarten program for 4-year-old children, five days a week, Monday through to Friday.

This program follows the preschool curriculum and offers students an opportunity to extend their learning through play, as well as formalised learning techniques.

If your child is a student at our ELC, they will be automatically enrolled in the Pre-Kindergarten program when they turn 4. The transition will be discussed with you before your child enters their first day as a Pre-K student.

Our highly acclaimed Pre-Kindergarten offers a head start in the classroom for your child. The program is designed to encourage each child’s natural learning styles in a structured school environment. Children in the Pre-K class are encouraged to develop their pre-writing, mathematics, reading and personal skills in a fun, stimulating classroom environment with a dedicated teacher. Pre-K is also fully integrated with our K-6 years for school assemblies, sport and school excursions which is a great preparation for starting school the following year. Pre-K students are included in the long day care hours of 7:30am to 6pm and their Pre-K specific curriculum runs daily between the hours of 9.30am and 3pm.