CCS Students 2

Our primary school facilities include generously sized classrooms and specialist learning areas, surrounded by spacious play areas and attractive grounds that provide a secure environment for our students. We are also fortunate to have a well-stocked library covering a comprehensive range of fiction and non-fiction titles, a well-equipped early learning classroom and each classroom has a class set of iPads. To cater to the well-being of our students we provide a healthy vegetarian canteen and specialist playground areas that enable children to integrate into the wider school environment at an appropriate level.

We are very fortunate at Canberra Christian School to have well maintained school grounds which enable teachers to use both inside and outside locations to extend students learning.

Each classroom is well resourced and with ample space to enable students to work comfortably and move around freely. We have excellent ICT facilities including computers, iPads and ICT equipment which is freely available in each classroom.

The outdoor learning areas allow children to have access to excellent equipment and natural environments during lessons, recesses and playtimes.