Tailored Learning

A Tailored Learning Environment

The foundation of our approach to educating your child is the recognition that every child is an individual and learns and explores at their own pace.

Differentiated Curriculum

We implement the government developed Australian Curriculum (www.acara.edu.au). However, Canberra Christian School staff recognise the individuality of each child’s learning needs and offers a program designed to maximise each students potential in all areas of their learning.  Children are placed on levels of work based on achievement outcomes rather than chronological age resulting in satisfaction and challenge being an integral part of the child’s learning program.  Children at an early age see themselves as individuals who are empowered to guide their own learning and are placed at appropriate levels rather than levels based on age.  The overall result is children feeling positive about their achievements in all academic areas.


Individual Attention

Our enviable student-teacher ratios allow our teachers to get to know your child as an individual. Our team combines the enthusiasm of youth with dedication and experience to provide a well-rounded and targeted approach to teaching your child.

Because of our school size each teacher is able to monitor each child and get to know their personality, growth and development needs. They interact with the children in the playground and the teachers have already established good relationships with children who move into their grade in subsequent years.

Inclusive Environment

Canberra Christian School is an inclusive school, with a wonderful ethos that is underpinned by excellent care, guidance and support.

We believe that every child has the capacity to extend their learning beyond their expectations.

We have an excellent record of achievement for all our children and we are proud of their successes.

We closely monitor the children with special educational needs and provide additional support when necessary, through in-class support and our successful intensive small group program. It is important for us to work closely with our families to meet all the children’s needs.