Vision & Mission

Canberra Christian School provides Christ centered education for the community. Our goal is to develop children of character in a faith nurturing environment that promotes academic excellence and a commitment to service.

Our Values

We live our Christianity through:

  • Excellence – Using God’s gifts to do our best
  • Compassion – Showing kindness and empathy to all
  • Humility – Accepting my achievements without boasting
  • Respect – Thinking and behaving well towards others
  • Integrity – Living at peace with myself
  • Justice – Seeking what is right
  • Discernment – Making wise choices
  • Responsibility – Owning my actions
  • Hope – Living with joy because my future is certain

Philosophy Statement

The educational organisation and function of this school is based on the Christian principles and values as understood and described by the Seventh-day Adventist Church. We have a firm conviction that there is an eternal, loving and personal God, the supreme focus of life, who has always existed, is all powerful, is the source of all life, truth, beauty and Christian values.

Supplementary to this we also believe that:

  • God is both Creator and Sustainer of the Universe, including his earth and all life.
  • God reveals Himself to us through the natural world, His providential acts, Scripture and Jesus Christ, who provides a perfect example for all to emulate. All truth finds its centre in God. The Christian faith should pervade all aspects of life.
  • We were made in God’s image to enjoy complete fellowship with our Creator. Sin has corrupted us. However, God has opened the way for us to be restored to His image by personal acceptance of Jesus Christ.
  • Life’s meaning is found in a personal relationship with God.
  • The work of the Holy Spirit continues the ministry of Jesus in our lives and character.
  • Greatest satisfaction comes to those who co-operate with God’s divine plan for them. God through His moral laws, requires standards of ethical behaviour based on His own character of love. These laws develop a commitment to selfless service and a personal and loving concern for all.
  • Our belief in a real God, intimately involved in our total experience, gives purpose and direction to the work of our school.

The educational program of this school aims to give primary emphasis to the development of a Christ-like character in the lives of its students and prepares them for the coming of their Lord and Saviour. The school aims to bring about the balanced development of the physical, mental, social and spiritual capacities, which in turn, leads to the development of a purposeful and responsible citizen.