Attention and Focus for the Christian Classroom

Your Mind Matters is a focus and attention based program specifically developed for the Christian classroom. It aims to help students notice what they are doing, feeling and thinking at the exact time they are actually doing, feeling and thinking it. It also aims to guide students to focus on God, his kingdom and their relationship with him through focused attention.

Through the Your Mind Matters program students will:

  • observe and connect with their thoughts and feelings
  • let go of worry about tomorrow, place their faith in God and focuses on today
  • develop their ability to be non-judgmental of themselves and others
  • accept and is grateful to God for all they have


Your Mind Matters – Attention and Focus for the Christian Classroom has been developed to enable students to access the benefits of attention and focus practices in the secure foundation of Christian beliefs. Each practice and technique encourages students to pay attention to their environment and reflect on the amazing world God has created for them as well their personal relationship with Him.


There are many studies which have highlighted the benefits of attention and focus for students in the classroom. Some of the significant ones are listed below.

  • Improved mental health and wellbeing
  • Ability to better manage emotions and school behaviour
  • Reductions in classroom disruptions and bullying
  • Improved stress management
  • Improved emotional resilience
  • Enhanced decision making and problem solving

Program Overview

Your Mind Matters – Attention and Focus for the Christian Classroom focuses on three key areas of God’s love and personal relationship with each student. Each area builds skills and focus to enable students an opportunity to refine their attention and focus skills and knowledge.

  • God gave me 5 senses – this area specifically looks at the individual student’s body, feelings, emotions and connection with the Father.
  • Go gave me friends and family – this area looks at relationships and gratitude.
  • God gave me strength to choose – this area focuses on behaviour and choices.


There are a number of resources required by the teacher and student for implementation of Your Mind Matters – Attention and Focus for the Christian Classroom.


  • Attention and Focus Techniques Booklet (Link provided below)
  • Introductory Lesson PPT (Link provided below)
  • ‘Just Breathe’ video (youtube)
  • Jar and Glitter for each child
  • Bell


  • Gratitude Journal (link to cover below)